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10 Things That Drive Us CRAZY At The Gym

by Stefani Pappas| March 2, 2016

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The gym is your sacred time; you have one hour to yourself during your entire day, and no one is taking that away from you!

You lace up your sneakers, put on your best workout outfit, and head to the gym with your favorite workout music blasting.

As you walk into the gym, you hear the all-too-familiar grunting coming from the lifting area. When you try to make your way to the elliptical, you see the same crowd of elliptical addicts hogging the area. Now, your excitement has faded and a sense of annoyance sets in.

Don’t let those frustrating gym-goers get to you! Getting some amusement out of these situations and finding ways to deal with them can be just what you need to have a killer workout. Here are some classic gym faux pas that you may witness on a daily basis, and some strategies on how to ignore them!

  1. The Herd Of New Year Resolutioners

If you’re an avid gym-goer, the herd of resolutioners that hit the gym in January can drive you crazy! You have your designated spots and machines at the gym, and your fellow regular gym-goers respect that. However, these newbies don’t know the drill (yet!)

  1. The Pool Lane Hogger

Whether you’re training for a triathlon or simply taking a day for active recovery, swimming is a fantastic workout that can also be very therapeutic. However, some people just don’t know the rules (or at least the courtesies). Maybe someone isn’t respecting your personal space and decides to swim in your lane when all of the other ones are open. You may also encounter that person who is taking up an entire lane in the pool and not letting anyone pass. Deep breaths, it’ll all be okay, just keep swimming.

  1. The Sweat Monster

You’re naturally supposed to work up a sweat at the gym, but there are a select few sweat monsters that seem to be just dripping in sweat during the workout. Most are aware of this, and clean up their machines accordingly after use by wiping them down. Unfortunately, not everyone is in tune with their sweating habits and may neglect wiping down equipment after they finish their workout. Completely and utterly gross!

  1. The Olympic Grunter

Olympic Lifters at the gym can be spotted a mile away; they are very well respected by their fellow gym-goers. However, some are a bit overdramatic and intimidating. Enough with the grunting, we get it!

  1. The Pop Star Gym Enthusiast

Did Britney Spears just walk into the gym? You may think so when that Pop Star Gym Enthusiast struts through the gym floor. This person can be spotted wearing oversized headphones, music blasting from a mile away, and a constant whistle or singing sound during their time at the gym.

  1. The Hoverer

Personal space please! The typical gym hoverer does not have any idea what the concept of personal space means. They’re not necessarily trying to annoy you, but hovering over your bench while you’re bench pressing can make things a bit uncomfortable.

  1. The Spin Class Queen Bee

This spin class addict is quite intimidating! Not only is this person a loyal rider each week, but they likely are also the leader of the spin class pack. Don’t get too intimidated though, they were once a beginner just like you.

  1. The Bootcamp Complainer

Bootcamp or any type of conditioning class can be near to impossible. You fully know when you walk into a bootcamp class that it’s not going to be a stroll in the park. You go to bootcamp with full expectation of getting your butt kicked! Sorry to those who just can’t handle the bootcamp heat.

  1. The Elliptical Hogger

There are only so many ellipticals in the gym, give someone else a turn! Those elliptical hoggers are typically not even breaking a sweat. This person is usually addicted to social media, and they can’t stop checking their phone while lightly moving around.

  1. The Chit-Chatters

Oh, you have definitely spotted those two friends that come to the gym for social hour. Everyone else is trying to zone in on his or her workout, but they seem to have no cares in the world.

Now that you’ve had a good laugh (or cry), you likely understand that these people can seriously get irritating at the gym. If these gym faux pas are too distracting, there are a few strategies to help you ignore them and focus on your workout.

First, always laugh things off and make light of a situation.

Taking things too seriously is never any fun; laugh it off and don’t let these situations get to you. If you can’t seem to ignore certain annoying people at the gym, try going at a different time of day; if you typically go to the gym at night, you may enjoy the morning crowd instead.

Next, you can also try experimenting with new machines or equipment if certain people are hogging your favorite machines.

Who knows, you may try a new piece of equipment and end up incorporating it into your weekly routine!

Lastly, try out new fitness classes to experience different crowds and teaching methods.

You may find a new instructor or group of fitness gurus that you love!

At the end of the day, make the most of your workouts and have fun! Don’t sweat the small stuff, and focus on your body and wellbeing.

Fitness fads come and go, but these are here to stay! Find out what workout fits your style best… read more.

Stefani Pappas

Stefani Pappas, CPT is currently a dietetic intern pursuing her career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She is a Master's in Clinical Nutrition Student at New York University. Stefani has a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from the Pennsylvania State University, with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She is a contributing writer for Elite Daily, member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, and Equinox Fitness Instructor. Stefani is dedicated to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and inspiring others to do the same. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @stefhealthtips for more nutrition and fitness tips!

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