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How Essential Are Essential Oils?

“I keep hearing about essential oils, but what do they actually do?” From aromatherapy to mental stimulation, essential oils are unbelievably useful natural plant extracts…


Oodles of Zoodles & Turkey Veggie Meatballs Recipe

Forget plain boring pasta, that same old spaghetti and meatballs recipe has taken a major fit foodie makeover! Meet Zoodles, the latest and chicest way…

by Stefani Pappas


Understanding the Language of Yoga

All systems have their own language and vocabulary, so when you begin a new field of study, whether it be mathematics or yoga, it means…

by Courtney Capellan


Five Surprising Ways Vinegar Can Change Your Life

Despite its recent popularity gain, vinegar is far from being a new health aid. In fact, using vinegar for its nutritional value has been around…

by Maddy Oliver


Love Spinning? You’ll Love These Other High-Intensity Workouts

Spinning can be one of the most exhilarating workout experiences. The high-energy, booming music, and true sense of community make it hard to beat! If…

by Stefani Pappas


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4 Amazing Books on Clean Living For Your Optimal Clean Lifestyle

“Clean living” is important to you. It means eating healthier, less, processed foods; it’s about giving your body and mind freedom to have new...


Going Coconuts this Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to bring a some tropical flavor into your life! Coconuts are one of the most versatile fruits around and you can use...


What Does “Clean Eating” REALLY Mean?

There are always tons of crazy diet plans circulating, especially during summer months. Often, those of us who would like to maintain a healthy...


Recipe: How To Make Paleo Beet Fries

The Paleo Diet — also known as the Caveman diet — is the latest health craze. Every Crossfitter you know absolutely swears by the Paleo...


6 Ways to Lose Weight Without Losing Meals

Having a healthier lifestyle and losing weight doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or resort to eating those unsatisfying 100-calorie packs....



Why Spicy Foods Are GREAT For You

Why are so many people irresistibly drawn to fiery flavors? For centuries, people have been using spicy ingredients to keep food fresh, warn...


Gluten-Free Doesn’t Have to Mean Taste-Free

There’s been a lot of buzz about various diets—from paleo to vegan—during the last few years, but none has gotten more attention, or been more...


The Best Workout Recovery Foods

You just got back from a body sculpting session and you’re already feeling the burn. With your muscles pulsing and your heart rate elevated, the...


5 Surprising Sugar Sources (And How to Avoid Them)

You could be sabotaging your diet or healthful eating regimen without even realizing it. These days, food manufacturers find ways to sneak sugar...


How To Get Protein After You’ve Gone Vegan

There are a TON of great health benefits of going vegan. The lack of cholesterol and saturated fats in a plant-based diet almost makes weight loss...

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