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How Essential Are Essential Oils?







“I keep hearing about essential oils, but what do they actually do?”

From aromatherapy to mental stimulation, essential oils are unbelievably useful natural plant extracts that help promote health and wellness in your mind, body, and soul. For centuries, they’ve been used around the world in a variety of applications that range from antibiotic ointments to treating sunburns, preventing headaches, and much more.

More and more people are discovering the amazing benefits of essential oils in their daily lives and are opting for a more holistic approach to the health of themselves and their families. Read on to find out more about these miraculous rejuvenating essences!


“Essential oils are a crucial part of my health routine. I plan to never stop using them!”

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Aromatherapy is the most well-known use of essential oils, and for good reason. The science of scent remains one of the most elusive and mysterious of all the senses — how else can you explain how quickly and completely a familiar smell can transport you to a different place? Scent’s unique power has finally been harnessed with essential oils, and can unlock feelings of deep calm and serenity that often seem out of reach in today’s stress-filled world.

This is just the start of how Miracle Essential Oils can transform your life through aromatherapy, but if you want to fully immerse yourself in essential oils’ many healing properties, you might be surprised to know that they can be taken internally and used topically as well.

By avoiding harsh chemicals in favor of completely organic properties, essential oils can improve your overall health without any nasty side effects.

How To Use Miracle Essential Oils

There are three basic ways to apply Miracle Essential Oils:

  1. Aromatically (carefully emitting a light spray into the air)
  2. Topically (placing directly onto your skin)
  3. Internally (ingesting into your body via your mouth)

We especially love Miracle Essential Oils because all of their oils — blends as well as single oils — can be used all three ways. This unique aspect of Miracle Essential Oils make them one of the most high-quality and versatile brands available today!

1. Aromatically

By using a diffuser, Miracle Essential Oils can be easily sprinkled throughout the home to effortlessly alter your mood from stressed to serene. You can also add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to create some lush DIY bath and beauty products that enhance air quality as well as strengthen your immune system.

2. Topically

For natural and quick relief from a variety of ailments, we recommend trying a topical application of essential oils. Massage a few drops onto your temples to alleviate headache, or rub a small amount on your feet to say goodbye to stress.

If you plan on introducing a topical application regimen to your life, be sure to test and dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil so you can safely understand your individual response to these oils. Common carrier oils include olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil.

“When I turn on my diffuser, it instantly rejuvenates my mind and helps the stresses of today simply melt away.”

3. Internally

Kick-start your digestive health by adding small amounts of essential oils in your water, juice, smoothie, or any other drink. Their fresh flavor and natural taste adds a zero-calorie enhancement as well as boosted metabolism to help keep unwanted bloating at bay.

 Finding the Right Essential Oil For Me

“What’s the difference between single oils and essential blends? How do I decide which Miracle Essential Oil will give me the best benefits?”

When you are ready to pick out your first oils, Miracle Essential Oils makes it easy for you. With their high-quality selections, no matter which one (or ones) you choose, you’re sure to enjoy better health!

However, to make sure that you find the perfect single oil or Miracle Essential Blend that’s right for you, we’ve put together a handy quiz that will guide you to the best place to start.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after I tried Miracle Essential Oils to help me feel less groggy at work, I’ve noticed an increase in my mental awareness and it’s easier to wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night. It’s amazing!”

Ready to get started with your Miracle Essential Oils experience by improving your life and health today? Be sure to explore the FREE Guide to help you with any questions you might have in starting your journey with essential oils!


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