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The Number One Workout Secret That Will Change Your Life

by Stefani Pappas| August 31, 2015







Let’s start by exploring this common workout scenario…

You make time during your busy day to go to the gym, do the same boring workout routine that you did in college, and see minimal results.

We have all been there; that workout rut, where it seems like all the blood, sweat, and Lululemon pants were for nothing.

If you’re tired, bored, or just not seeing the results you want with your current workout, there is still hope!

A simple workout principle among the CrossFit community called “constantly varied”, has changed the lives of competitors and the average workout newbie alike.

What does “constantly varied” mean?

This principle focuses on keeping your body alert and never letting it adapt. Changing your workouts constantly and never repeating the same workout—whether it be simply changing the rep scheme or weights—are what makes this principle so powerful. By keeping your body active and never letting it adapt to the same, boring workout, you have an opportunity to avoid those body plateaus.

Don’t mistake “constantly varied” for simply random changes in your workout routine. Every workout you perform and program should aim towards whatever you are currently trying to achieve. The “constantly varied” approach is all about balance, and conditioning the body in multiple ways towards a common goal.

You don’t need to be a CrossFitter to practice this principle—incorporating the “constantly varied” approach can be something you do on your own in your personal workout routine. Small tweaks are all you need to implement this principle into your exercise regimen.

Before you change up your workouts, write down your body and health goals for 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year. How do you want to feel, look, and perform in your everyday life? Once you have a grasp on that, you can approach your workouts with a set goal and purpose.

How can you change up your exercise routine?


1. Sets/Reps Scheme

This is an easy way to keep your body alert and focused. By changing up the rep scheme for each workout, your muscles will be forced to be aware during each routine. If you typically do 5 sets of 10 reps, try varying up the scheme. Maybe do a 21, 18, 15, 12, and 9 approach (you can change the weights accordingly).

2. Type Of Exercise

Instead of running everyday to train for your half marathon, try going for a swim once a week or hopping on the spin bike. Not only will this vary up your training, but it can also provide a mental change and get you out of a monotonous routine.

3. Intensity

Some days you may feel like exercising at a moderate intensity for a long period of time. Other days, you may want to try working out at a higher intensity for a shorter period of time. High intensity workouts are efficient, and a great way to energize the body for the day.

4. Position

This principle does go hand-in-hand with some of the others. If you perform an entire lifting routine seated, try it standing up. Maybe you use all machines at the gym; try using your own body weight, or grabbing a set of dumbbells. Changing your body position can drastically change the intensity of your workout.

Are you willing to incorporate the “constantly varied” principle into your workout routine? Comment below with your thoughts on the topic, and if you’re willing to give it a go!

Stefani Pappas

Stefani Pappas, CPT is currently a dietetic intern pursuing her career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She is a Master's in Clinical Nutrition Student at New York University. Stefani has a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from the Pennsylvania State University, with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She is a contributing writer for Elite Daily, member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, and Equinox Fitness Instructor. Stefani is dedicated to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and inspiring others to do the same. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @stefhealthtips for more nutrition and fitness tips!

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