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So, you’d like to write for The Key to Wellness

We’re constantly reviewing new and interesting submissions from writers who would like to utilize The Key To Wellness as a powerful platform for having their unique voices heard.

Here are a few key things you should know before submitting your work:

1. Your Voice

Keep things conversational, informational, upbeat and fun. Write like you’re talking to your friend. It’s always nice to add a little “wow” factor to keep things interesting. Make sure to check out our published articles to get a feel for the style we’re looking for. Remember that our primary subscribers are health-conscious women and men 45+ who want to gain insight into fitness, food, and fun. So… make sure you’re writing for the right audience.

2. Original Content

We don’t accept articles that are published (or will be published) other places on the web. Sorry, but this does include your own blog. All submissions to The Key To Wellness need to be 100% original content to keep things fresh for our readers.

3. Word Count

We aren’t looking for novel-length, but we don’t want one paragraph either. Submissions need to be at least 500 words and try to keep it fewer than 1,000 (although when in doubt, longer is better).

4. Keywords

Like any major online publication, keyword optimization is very important for The Key To Wellness. Make sure to do your research and select keywords that match the interests of our demographic. Focus specifically on keywords and topics surrounding recipes, exercise tips, eco-friendly companies, and wellness.

5. Your Bio

If our editorial staff choose to publish your article submission, we’ll include your byline, gravitar, and brief bio with optional links to your website and social media accounts. Your bio should be around 100 words or less. You’ll also get your own index page on our site where you can see all of your published articles on The Key To Wellness.

6. Share With Everyone!

Writers whose articles are shared the most and draw in the biggest audience are given preference for future submissions. So, tell everyone. After all, we want The Key To Wellness to be the number one spot on the internet for people to share articles about food, fitness, and fun.

7. Hey, Don’t Spam Us

Sometimes our editorial staff can be a bit busy so please don’t spam us — especially if you haven’t heard back from us yet. We appreciate each and every submission we receive, but can’t unfortunately reply to everyone. If you haven’t heard back from us after about 2 weeks then feel free to submit your article elsewhere or send us another one.

Join Our Authors

By submitting your work to The Key To Wellness, you acknowledge that you are giving our team complete permission to edit your content if we deem it necessary. However, we want this to be an opportunity for you to shine so best of luck to you as you brainstorm, plan, prepare, and write awesome articles for our readers.

Send the following to:

  • Name under which you’d like to be published
  • Samples of your work and/or publications (submissions without at least 2-3 examples will not be considered.)
  • Your brief bio
  • A link to your blog (if you have one)
  • Links to your social media pages (optional)

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